The New Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker – DM3500

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Totally New And Redesigned!

Margaritaville Bali 3Well the folks of Margaritaville are at it again and have released a brand-new redesigned frozen concoction maker. This machine is called the Bali and has some great new features that are sure to make this machine the star of any party it may be invited to.

The Bali has had a thorough redesign from the other frozen concoction makers in the Margaritaville line up. Part of this redesign was moving the control buttons from where they were on the base of the machine to aligning them vertically on the side. The really big change in this machine though is that it is now fully automatic from start to finish and they have accomplished this by adding a self-serving feature.

So let’s jump in and take a look at this new machine and see how it differs from the other machines in the lineup and what they have added to make it even better.

Margaritaville DM3500 Details:

  • The pre-programmed settings for rita, daiquiris, coladas and smoothies are still part of the machine, but the switches have been moved from the machines front base to the side along with the power button.Margaritaville Bali 2
  • The blending jar is now known as a chamber and holds enough space for 60 ounces of drinks. The Bahamas, Key West and Fiji units all hold 36 ounces.
  • The ice reservoir still resembles the other machines and holds enough ice for 60 ounces of drinks.
  • The settings can be pre-programmed so that you can mix either a half chamber or a full chamber of drinks.
  • You can customize the consistency of your drink using the manual shave and blend controls which are now also on the side of the machineMargaritaville Bali Control Panel.
  • A unique self-dispenser feature has been added. Once your drink is blended you simply press on the self-dispenser lever, your drink will be refreshed with a quick swirl in the blending chamber and then the new auger device will transport your drink to the spout and into your glass.
  • During blending the drink serving auger runs backwards so that all of the drink being mixed will remain in the chamber to maintain drink consistency. Once serving begins this operation reverses.
  • This machine is the only one in the Margaritaville line that possesses the self-serve capability.
  • As we’ve come to expect with all the Margaritaville machines this one turns out consistent restaurant quality drinks time after time.
  • Contains 650 W of pure blending power.
  • Comes with polished stainless steel accent and a premium quality brushed metallic external housing.

Even though the DM3500 is fairly new on the market the good reviews are already starting to come in and people seem to love it. Here is a representative comment from one happy owner of the Bali.

Camsuharley, Lubbock, TX


I have had my Bali for about a month now and absolutely love it! I went from the Bahamas to the Bali and it is so much fun to use and show off to our friends and family! Everyone is so amazed. We especially love the self-serve function 🙂

So as you can see it looks like the new Bali machine is going to be a hot item and those summer parties are just around the corner. What does that mean? It means you might want to order yours today and be ready, willing and able to be the life of the party when they begin.

See the machine in operation by clicking on the video below.

To get further information on this great new Margaritaville frozen concoction maker, read the rest of the customer reviews or to order it simply click on any image and a new window will open to provide you with the requested operation.






6 Responses

  1. Larry Peterson
    | Reply

    Two comments:
    1. How can I order replacement parts for the Bali 3500 Margarita Maker? I need to replace the blades that move the ice around the ice cutter.
    2. Why do I only get half a pitcher full of margarita when I am using the Full Pitcher setting on the Bali machine? With this setting I only get half a pitcher filled and only 4 glass of margaritas. Something is wrong when the Full Pitcher setting is only giving half a pitcher full of margaritas.

    • Tom
      | Reply

      You can order the available parts here.

      The machine is geared to deliver a maximum (6) 10-12 oz drinks when set to full chamber. This can vary and will depend on the volume of drink ingredients you use. The ice that is added runs on a pre-programmed cycle based on the type of drink selected, so will always be the same.

      As an example a full chamber smoothie recipe has almost 31 oz (a little more than 1/2 chamber) of ingredients before the ice is added. A Pina Colada on the other hand only has only 19 1/2 oz. So each drink will produce a different volume and you may need to tweak the official recipes to get a full 60 oz.

      As long as your drinks are at the proper thickness after blending everything is probably working as intended.

      I hope this has been of help.

  2. Haley
    | Reply

    I received this machine as a wedding gift! So excited when I got it out to use it for the first time until I realized I am missing a part! It does not have the part at the front that is the self dispensing part. It is the part that covers the top of the blue long blade and then dispenses the drink out!! It’s the one part I can’t seem to find a replacement for! Do you know where I can purchase that part as I am extremely ready to re-live my honeymoon with some yummy frozen drinks!!!

  3. Yvonne Johnston
    | Reply

    Hello, received this as a gift but did not receive a manual. How can I get one? Thank you.

    • Tom
      | Reply

      Sorry about the lateness of the response but I was finally able to track one down. You can down load it at the link below.

      Bali Manual

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