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DM2000 250-250 XparentIf you’re looking to start taking your Margarita and frozen concoction making more seriously then Margaritaville’s third tier machine the DM2000 is a great place to begin. The machines ice capacity is larger than both the Key West and Bahamas models along with the inclusion of pre-programmed blending modes to increase its efficiency. Again if you’re serious about your Margaritas and other frozen drinks this Margaritaville model is definitely worth checking into.

 The Margaritaville Fiji Froze n Concoction Maker is not only a very power packed machine it’s a very attractive one as well. The machines red accents and silver trim make it an attractive and welcome addition to any kitchen or home bar. Also welcome are the upgrades that have been added to this machine to set it apart from the lower tier models. We will be pointing out these upgrades as we detail the features of the DM2000.





Margaritaville DM2000 Details:

  • Once again the ice reservoir has been increased in size giving it the ability to hold three full pitchers of ice. This is triple the size of the Bahamas model and double that of the Key West.
  • The Ready/Stop switch present on previous models has been replaced by a rotary switch which gives you the ability to choose a blending cycle to match the type of drink you’re making. The types of drinks available are as follows.
    • Ritas – Liquids.
    • Daiquiris – Frozen fruit and liquids.
    • Slides – Ice cream and liquids.
    • Smoothies – Fresh fruit and liquids.
  • Shark fin indicator lights are present on the control panel. These lights indicate where you are in the drink making process.DM2000 Control Panel
  • A rotary switch has been added to the control panel of the DM2000 that enables you to choose whether you are going to make one, two or three drinks. Setting this switch changes how much ice will be shaved into the blending jar.
  • A manual Shave/Blend toggle switch is incorporated on the front control panel of the machine to give you full control over any tweaks you may wish to make to the drink making process.
  • Are you worried about ice melt watering down your drinks? Well don’t! An ice melt cup has been integrated into the back of the machine to make sure all ice melt is channeled to the proper place.
  • Power output of the Fiji model is 550 watts.
  • The 36 ounce blending jar and reservoir area of the machine easily disassemble for quick cleanup.
  • The footprint of the machine is larger than either the Bahamas for Key West models coming in at 9 x 14 x 20 inches and tipping the scales at 24 pounds.

The Margaritaville Fiji Frozen Concoction Maker is definitely the machine will take your parties to the next level by giving you the ability to turn out drinks for your guests that are as varied as you or they can dream up. The machine is so simple to use that you could even allow your guests to whip up their own drinks thereby freeing you to mingle more with the guests.

As is the case with all our reviews of the Margaritaville machines we like to show what folks that have purchased the machine really think. Below is a representative comment left by one very pleased owner of the DM2000.

“We love our Margaritaville machine! It has eliminated two blenders and a snow cone maker in our own kitchen. No telling what more. My husband loves a good ‘rita, and I like to drink health shakes in the morning for breakfast. This machine is perfect for our needs. You can also just shave a little ice to make a snowy soft snow cone for the kids or enlist the blender element solely. It’s a large machine, so if a blender is a daily necessity in your house and you have plenty of counter space to accommodate it, then this is great for you…” Read More…

There are a lot more happy owners though and in total 85% of them have given the Fiji model a four stars or higher rating. I can think of precious few other items that have achieved an 85% favorability rating.

So if you think it’s time that it time you took your drink making to a loftier peak then check out the Margaritaville Fiji model further by clicking on any image. Once an image is clicked a new window will open to provide you more information, more user reviews and the ability to be a proud owner of one of these beauties.