The Lime Lantern Daiquiri Recipe – No Face Burning Please

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Plow & Hearth

Definitely A Unique Drink!

Lime Lantern DaiquiriWe are always looking for clever drinks that we can convert to being a made in our Margaritaville frozen concoction makers and this drink definitely falls in that category. We came across this lime lantern daiquiri recipe over at and thought it would be a great recipe for some of you folks to try out in your machines.

Since this drink is set up to serve six you might want to half the ingredients in order to fit it all into the blending jar. Then depending on your Margaritaville machine set the number drinks to three, the type of drink to smoothie and hit the shave/blend toggle.

The drink itself is a watermelon strawberry concoction that by itself would be delicious. But what makes this drink truly unique is the addition of something akin to a tiki torch plunged into the middle of it and set ablaze using 151 rum. This drink is sure to be the one your guests talk about after the next party, but be sure all drinks have been extinguished before drinking commences, we don’t need anybody’s face going up in flames. This is something that will definitely put a damper on the party.

To see the full recipe click the link below

Lime Lantern Daiquiri By Mom On Time



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