The Frozen Tennessee Peach Recipe

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Plow & Hearth

Now This Is Just Peachy!

A Frozen Tennessee PeachHere is a drink that I came up with the other day after picking up a jar of Firefly Peach Moonshine at my local liquor store. Now if you have never had Firefly Peach Moonshine you’re in for a treat just from the fragrance of it alone. From the time you open the jar the smell of peaches is everywhere and it also has a great deep orange color, which adds some extra color your drink.

The moonshine comes in a standard mason jar and when combined with the peach schnapps and the LaFiesta Peach Daiquiri mix you’ll think you’ve died and gone to peach heaven. The extra teaspoon of sugar is really optional, but for my taste it was required since the moonshine itself is not very sweet. If I have one complaint about the moonshine it’s that mason jar, which makes it very difficult to pour without spilling.

Drink Ingredients. (Makes two drinks)

Drink Mixing Instructions:

  • First prepare your glass, in this case we will use a margarita glass, by wetting the rim and then pressing it in the sparkling sugar.
  • Next take your Margaritaville frozen drink maker, add the moonshine, schnapps, daiquiri mix, baker’s sugar and lime juice into the blending jar. Set the number of drinks on the control panel to 2 and if you have a Fiji or Tahiti model take an additional step and set the type of drink to ritas.


For those folks using a regular blender start with a cup of ice and if the drink isn’t thick enough just add more ice and blend. Oh and make sure you avoid those inevitable chunks of ice at the bottom of your glass after you get done blending

  • Next press the shave/blend button and watch the machine go into action.
  • Pour the drink into the prepared glass and serve with a few peach slices on the side and wait for sure to come reorders from your guests.

Enjoy and then enjoy again!


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