End Your Parties Ice Shortages By Using An EdgeStar Ice Maker

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Margaritaville Machines are Great, But They Do Eat The Ice!

EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Ice MakerGreat!! You’ve gotten your Margaritaville Key West, Fiji or one of the other frozen concoction makers set up and running at home. You’re beginning to find out though that there’s one big problem and that’s the fact that your parties wind up with an ice shortage. It seems like that ice maker that hangs inside your refrigerator just can’t keep up with all the drinks are turning out.

Sure you can go and fill up an ice chest with ice you bought at the store but the problem there is you always wind up with too much, which is a waste. If you want to end your ice shortage permanently, then consider a portable ice maker such as the EdgeStar Ice Maker. This little beauty can hold up to 2 pounds of ice in its hopper and turn out up to 22 pounds of ice per day.

So let’s check out the particulars on this portable ice maker and see what it has offer its potential new owner.

EdgeStar specifics:

  • This ice maker in particular was awarded best pick by Bestcovery.
  • This ice machine is perfect for the boat, your kitchen or using in your RV, because anywhere there’s an outlet available you can start producing ice.
  • This ice maker can produce ice in under 10 min. and stores up to 2 pounds of ice of the time.EdgeStar Front Control Panel
  • The water reservoir inside the unit has a capacity of 1 gallon.
  • You’re not limited to using just bottled water either, tap water is just fine as well.
  • The machine possesses the capability of making up to 28 pounds of ice in a single day.
  • You are also given the choice of three different size ice cubes that the machine can turn out, small, medium and large.
  • The unit is constructed of commercial grade stainless steel.
  • The storage bin inside the machine has been well insulated, although it is not a freezer.
  • The electronic controls located on the front of the unit are very easy to use.
  • Believe it or not there is no drain required for the unit. I can hear you now you’re saying “What about the ice melt?” Well you see this is a smart machine, it actually takes the ice melt and redirects it to make more ice. Now that’s thinking!
  • The machine measures 14 ½” x 11 ¾” x 14 ½” deep.



Are you saying “Wow that’s great now I can have all the ice I want without any fear of running out.” or are you still a bit dubious? After all it may all just look good on paper, so let’s take a look and what real customers had to say about this machine once they got it home and had a chance to play around with it.

First off the machine was able to garner a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating, from people that left reviews. This is a feat that not many pieces of equipment can boast of attaining. Here’s what one happy customer had to say…

“The ice maker was delivered on time. It was in perfect condition. Plugged it in filled it with water and it was making ice within 7-8 minutes. I love the soft ice that it produces and how quickly it does it. I bought this for my RV and I think I will purchase one for my home as well.”

Not only will this machine help you beat the ice problem, it also comes to you with free shipping and a no hassle 60 day return policy. Just in case you happen to find out that the relationship just isn’t working. Too bad we can’t get that promise on most of our decisions.

To purchase the EdgeStar ice maker, get more information or to read more customer reviews simply click one of the images above and a new window will open to fulfill your request. Just remember there is always another party coming up and you or one your friends is going to need a lot of ice.

EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker



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