Add A Little Flavor And Spice With Cocktail Candy

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Add A Little Flavor And Spice With Cocktail Candy

Cranberry CosmosIf you have checked out any of our Margarita recipesThe Margaritaville Drink Recipes Sheet. Read more ... » it won’t take you long notice that we’re big fans of frozen margaritasThree Frozen Margaritas Made Into One – The Layering Method . Read more ... ». In a lot of our frozen margaritas we use homemade flavored simple syrups and in almost all of them we use sparkling sugar to coat the rims of the glasses. Now it is not hard to get sparkling sugar at your local grocery store, but in most cases you’ll find that is just that plain white sparkling sugar. Yes you can find colored varieties in the baking section with colors ranging from pink to blue but they have no real flavor to them other than that of sugar.

That’s why the other day when I came across Cocktail Candy my interest was just more than a little bit peaked. Cocktail Candy comes in 4 ounce tins and sports at least eight different flavors. The company that created these flavored sugars claims that the possibilities are endless and after seeing the flavors that they offer I have a tendency to agree with them.

Here is a full list of the flavors that they offer:

  • Lemon TwistBohemian Raspberry
  • Bohemian Raspberry
  • Cranberry Cosmos
  • Lime Light
  • Big AppleCocktail Candy Lemon Twist Cocktail Sugar
  • Watermelon Man
  • Pineapple Princess
  • Holiday Peppermint Twist

At first glance it may appear that these sugars are bit expensive at almost $18 a pop, but take note that they are coming in packages of three which lowers the per tin cost to about six bucks. In addition the sugars will make a great complement to your frozen concoction maker and the great drinks that you’ll be turning out there.

So cruise on over and check them out I’m sure you’ll find one or two flavors that will be must haves in your home bar.



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