A Unique Frozen Peach, White Pepper and Green Tea Daiquiri

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Peach, Green Tea And Peppercorn DaiquiriIn our effort to bring you drinks that are far from your typical fare we came across this frozen peach, white pepper and green tea daiquiri recipe. This drink blends up to bring you what is called a not too sweet drink with great earthy tones provided by the white pepper. First thing you’ll notice is that you need some fresh peaches to create this drink, which may be a problem if you’re reading this in the dead of winter. Simply substitute some low sugar canned peaches or frozen peaches if that’s the best that is available.

This drink also is going to take you a little more time than your normal frozen daiquiri. You will need to make up a simple syrup which includes the white peppercorns and green tea. It is also suggested that you refrigerate the entire mixture at least one day prior to serving to make it cool enough to not melt the ice while blending. This drink would be a great one to test out in your Margaritaville frozen concoction maker just to make sure it’s something you will want to serve to your guests.

Read the full recipe simply click the link below.

Frozen Peach, White Pepper and Green Tea Daiquiri By Stir And Strain.com




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