A Mango Maple Ginger Daiquiri Recipe From Dole Foods

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And Yes It Has Pineapple Juice In It.

The Mango Maple Ginger DaiquiriI noticed that we haven’t posted a daiquiri recipe in a while, so when I came across this one I said “It’s pretty unique, let’s put it out there for our readers.” Now right up front going to say that I am not a big fan of Ginger or maple anything, other than on my pancakes, which means I can’t really say I vouch for this recipe.

The recipe is a combination of Mango cubes, pineapple juice, fresh ginger, lime juice, maple syrup and dark rum. The recipe itself comes to us by way of Dole Food Service, so give it a try in your Margaritaville blender and let us know how it turns out.

See the full recipe click here.

Mango Maple Ginger Daiquiri By Dole Foods.


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