A Frozen Mango Raspberry Margarita Recipe

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Super Refreshing On A Hot Day!

Mango Raspberry Margarita

You’re going to love this Mango Raspberry Margarita when the sun is high in the sky, the temperature is hot and you sit down at the end of a long day to unwind. This Margarita with its mango and raspberry combination not only tastes great but it’s red streaking makes it a very interesting drink as well. You will definitely want to whip up this one soon and often.

Ingredients: (Makes two drinks, simply multiply as necessary)

Mixing instructions:

Prepare a margarita glass by rubbing the rim with a lime wedge and pressing it into the salt or sugar, depending on which one you want to use.

Place the margarita mix, tequila, triple sec, and ice slowly (if using a standard blender) into your blender and blend to your desired consistency.

If using a Margaritaville machine set the number of drinks to two (or half chamber on the Bali model) and the type of drink to rita, if available.

Next pour half of the drink carefully into the Margarita glass and then pour half (1/2 ounce for each drink) of the raspberry syrup on top.  Then pour the rest of the drink into the glass followed by the other half ounce of the raspberry syrup.

Using a straw slowly stir the drink to create the desired red streaking throughout the drink.

Garnish with a mango slice and serve with raspberries or cut of mango on the side.




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