A Few Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas And Other Captivating Tidbits

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Time To Party!

Cinco De Mayo 2017

Well it’s that time of year again! And what time of year would that be? Well Cinco de Mayo of course and as I write this we are but a mere 8 days away. Cinco de Mayo is a great time to get together with friends and celebrate with a few margaritas, nachos and whatever other Mexican dishes you care to put together. Yes good times will be had for sure!

What we’re going to do here is give you a few great party ideas as well as some truly captivating tidbits about Cinco de Mayo. Before we head into the party ideas though it might be a good idea to actually explain to people what Cinco de Mayo is. I’d be willing to bet that if you asked 10 Americans what the holiday truly celebrated you would get a dumbfounded look from at least nine of them. I understand that it is a Mexican holiday, but if you’re going to go to your local Mexican restaurant to partake of the cut rate margaritas and hors d’oeuvres you should probably at least know what you’re celebrating.

Okay so here’s the short Reader’s Digest version of what Cinco de Mayo celebrates. Now I will start off by stating the obvious and that is that Cinco de Mayo means 5th of May. This is just in case you’ve already had one too many and can’t recall what it means. A lot of folks have come to believe that it celebrates Mexican independence, which it has in a way. What this day actually signifies is the wining of a crucial battle at Pueblo between Mexican and French occupation forces in which the Mexicans, against all odds kicked some French butt. This fully modern French army was comprised of 8000 men and had not been beaten in 50 years was defeated a mere 4000 men without the best of weapons. Definitely reason to celebrate if you ask me.

Now let’s get on to something more fun and less educational.

In this next section we will quickly run through some ideas for your party, which will include decorations, food and of course some all-important Margarita recipes. This list will be by no means exhaustive since to do that it would require me to make this article way longer than you would want to read. That’s of course assuming that I haven’t lost you already.

Party Decoration Ideas.

  1. If you have time try sending out some Southwestern themed invitations to what you will bill as the greatest Cinco de Mayo party of all time. Remember that for you to pull this off you will have to be providing the margaritas and plenty of them and great food!
  2. It’s a party right? You will need to have decorations and make sure they are some of the brightest and most festive of you can find. Party City is always a good bet.
  3. Hang a chili pepper wreath from your front door or someplace else where it will be very visible. You can buy one on the Internet for about 70 bucks or make your own. Try this “How To” if you decide to make your own. Chili Pepper Wreath.
  4. Pick up some inexpensive sombreros for everybody you expect to show for your party.
  5. Don’t forget the competitions such as nacho eating contest, jalapeno (or habanero) eating contest and don’t feel shy about hanging a piñata. Nothing funnier than a bunch of adults trying to break one of those suckers open blindfolded. Oh and be sure to remove all breakables in the area, especially if you are serving alcohol.
  6. Hang those festive margarita lights and any colorful Mexican blankets you can come by.
  7. If you have some extra cash that you haven’t earmarked for your own food or heat you could consider hiring a mariachi band to play at your event. At the very least have mariachi music playing in the background.
  8. Pick up some colorful balloons and make bouquets or even just hang a bunch of those foil chili pepper balloons everywhere.
  9. Mexican party themed tablecloths to cover whatever areas you’ll be setting up for food serving or eating. These come in either paper or plastic.
  10. Lastly consider having the host and hostess of this party dress up in appropriate costumes, which can be acquired rather inexpensively on the Internet.

Food Ideas.

  1. Nachos with at least two different salsas, one hot and one mild.
  2. Melted cheese dip. This item can also be done as hot and mild versions.
  3. XLarge dish of refried beans.
  4. Set up a make your own taco station. Just supply all the fixings and let folks go to town.
  5. Layout a buffet and assign each guest a different Mexican-style dish to bring or you can take the guesswork out of it and do it all yourself.
  6. Have plenty of Tabasco and other hot sauces available.
  7. Make a bunch of stuffed jalapenos using the recipe here.
  8. There are a ton of other food items that you can incorporate into your party. The best way I have found to discover what you want to make is to simply head over to Pinterest and do a search for Cinco de Mayo food.
  9. Don’t forget the sweets. Follow this link to a list of some great desserts you can serve as well.

Drink Ideas.

  1. We will start out with the low end of the speed spectrum here and that’s iced tea. It may not be specifically Mexican food but it’s popular.
  2. Homemade sangria which is always a winner.
  3. Make sure you have Mexican beer on hand, Corona is always a good start.
  4. Margaritas either shaken or blended. These are a must for those that want them.
  5. Whip up some piña colada’s.
  6. And while you’re thinking about it now would be a great time to pick up a Margaritaville Bali machine since it is a machine that allows your guest to serve themselves and frees you up to be a bartender for a while. Oh and face it you know you want one anyway. Let’s just use the party as an excuse to get one.

So there you have it a quick reference list of things you could serve, do and/or decorate with at your Cinco de Mayo party this year. The great thing about this list is that it works well with any Mexican theme party you may want to throw. Time goes short though for Cinco de Mayo so get planning now!


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