A Delicious Frozen Apricot Margarita Recipe

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A Delicious Frozen Apricot Margarita Recipe

Frozen Apricot MargaritaWith fresh apricots being available almost any time of the year nowadays you can always whip up one of these drinks. Now for apricot lovers the frozen apricot Margarita is not only a great treat at the end of a long day, it’s also something that any dinner guests would enjoy as well.

Drink Ingredients: (Makes two drinks)

  • 3 – 4 ounces of fresh pitted and peeled apricots. Alternately you can use drained canned apricot halves.
  • 3 oz. of silver tequila.
  • 2 oz. of Roses Sweetened Lime Juice.
  • 2 oz. of apricot nectar.
  • Sparkling sugar for rim of glass
  • Approximately 1 ½ – 2 cups of ice if you are not using a Margaritaville Machine.

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Prepare your margarita glasses by rubbing the rim with a lime wedge and then pressing the glass into the sparkling sugar that you have laid out on a plate.
  2. Drop the apricot halves, tequila, sugar, apricot nectar and Roses lime juice into your concoction maker.
  3. Set the number of drinks to 2 and the type of drink (if available) to smoothies.
  4. For those folks using a regular blender start blending and then slowly add the ice. Continue with the blending until you reach your desired drink thickness.
  5. Carefully pour your mixture into the prepared glass and serve with an apricot half on the rim and on the side.


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  1. John LaMonte
    | Reply

    Instead of ice can you use frozen fruit ??

    • Tom
      | Reply

      Sure if you wish but remember that it probably will not provide as much of a chill down as ice does so you might have to add some shaved ice.

      Just don’t put the frozen fruit in the ice chamber, if you do you will have real mess.

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